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Did you love the season finale of Lost? Did it give you enough to chew on until next year? Did it answer enough of your questions? Or bring up any more?


Jeremy Bentham is the one in the coffin? That utilitarian philosopher’s been dead 150+ years. Whatevs. (And, yes, he’s the guy who had his body preserved in a glass-topped coffin that’s been on display since he died. He was smart. And slightly creepy. But he’s fully clothed and sitting upright so, maybe not that creepy. And he is the tie breaking vote (always in favor) at the college).

A little rumble in the jungle (with Kate and Sayid and Richard Alpert) to free Ben from his would-be-captors-from-the-freighter. Since Kate and Sayid offered their help, they are free to leave the island. Easy-peasy.

Walt and his grandmother visit Hurley in the nuthouse. Walt says he was visited by Jeremy Bentham and wonders why the rest of the Oceanic 6 are lying about their time on the island. I’m wondering why Walt travelled across the country only to tell him this. Uh?

Ben and Locke are trying to move the island from the Orchid Station. But Keamy will not die and shows up to exact his revenge on Ben. Ben succeeds in killing him which should detonate all the C4 on the Freighter, killing all on board. So?

Kate, Hurley, Jack and Sawyer get on the helicopter headed to the Freighter. When the helicopter looses fuel Sawyer bails. (But, not too worry, he will later emerge from the water ala Ursula Andress).


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Horace seems a little creepy, even for a guy who’s been dead 12 years.

So, the Ageless Wonder (Richard Alpert) was around at John Locke’s birth, huh?

Alpert visits John when John’s 6 or7 years old a asks him to think about these things (baseball mitt, old Book of Laws, vial of sand, a compass, a comic book, and a knife) and figure out which of those belong to him already. John chooses the sand, the compass and the knife. Alpert tells him that the knife really doesn’t belong to him, he packs up all his toys and leaves.

We saw the birth of the Man of Science/Man of Faith struggle within Locke.

Sayid’s on the case to rescue some Losties.

Matthew Abbadon was Locke’s physical therapist/orderly and also, the one to inspire John’s Australian walkabout.

Abbadon says that when Locke sees him again (after his outback trip) John will “owe him one.”

So Christian Shephard is a mouthpiece for Jacob?


Okay, the doctor’s body washed ashore but in the scenes we watched tonight, Sayid leaves before the doctor’s throat is slit and he’s in a motorboat (rather than the less fast method of travel – waiting fur the current to drag your dead body ashore). So why hadn’t Sayid arrived last episode??

When will Locke run into Abbadon again? And what will Abbadon ask him to do? At this point we gotta believe that as a man of faith, John will do anything this man asks him (in the name of destiny – that fickle bitch).


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Sooo… Whadjya think about the future of Kack (or Jate – or whatever the kids are calling their favorite Lostie coupling these days)?

I admit, my favorite part was Sawyer calling Miles, “Donger” for all the Sixteen Candles fans out there.

So Flashing into the future, Kate and Jack reconcile (like rabbits) and Jack is a stable, well-adjusted practicing doctor and participant in life. But…

Hurley still visits with (GhostOfDead) Charlie, who has a message for Jack, “not to raise him.” We should be getting more insight into the cur-sed nature of Aaron soon.

You know what drives a person over the edge, into pill popping territory? Being engaged to Kate. Boo-Yah!

Jack read ALice in Wonderland to Aaron, and the camera paused on it on the bookshelf a time or too. We get it. This is a transitional period. They’re setting up the resolve. I like it.

It also sets up a nice Christian Shepard as the White Rabbit that Jack chases hither and yon.


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CampLocke: Playing Risk – Australia is the key to whole game. (Referencing Claire? Plane departure?)

Locke gets a phone call – Code 14-J: Ben’s non-plussed. They’re Heeeeere!

Ben wants Locke to survive, “It’s very imporatant that you survive what’s about to happen here John.”  Ben needs John to talk to Jacob. And they both need Hurley to find Jacob’s cabin.


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We all know now that “Meet Kevin Johnson” refers to Micheal. So, let’s review – Micheal was ready to kill 2 strangers (Ana Lucia and Libby) to rescue the man (Ben) he had to, to save his son (Walt).


(Yay, Miles doesn’t have a grenade in his mouth anymore) Locke brings Miles in for a little tete a tete (or tete a lotsa people, whatever). Ben confesses Micheal is Ben’s spy on the boat.


Captain Gault is having a bit of a hard time regulating his staff. Sayid confronts Micheal about why he’s on the boat. He’s here to quote unquote: Die. DuntDuntDuntDunnnn…. 


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I’ve got to start off by saying that this was not my favorite episode of the season. (I have been spoiled by a frenetic pace of non-stop knowledge bombs). 


So Lapidus was not the one who left the door open for Sayid and Desmond. They also are warned that they shouldn’t want to meet the captain of the Freighter.

Jin and Sun have decided to go to Locke’s camp. This seems to raise the ire of Juliet, so she proceeds to tell Jin that Sun had an affair.

Ooooh, so Sun and Jin are the final pair of the Oceanic Six. Good news. Bad news, there seems to be some complications with Sun’s pregnancy after all.


Jin and Bernard take some time for some male bonding, catch a few fish and hypothesize over the existential meaning of life and karmic retribution.


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Juliet is in her first meeting with Harper Stanhope, the island shrink, in her first week on the island. Complains of feeling isolated.



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