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Did you love the season finale of Lost? Did it give you enough to chew on until next year? Did it answer enough of your questions? Or bring up any more?


Jeremy Bentham is the one in the coffin? That utilitarian philosopher’s been dead 150+ years. Whatevs. (And, yes, he’s the guy who had his body preserved in a glass-topped coffin that’s been on display since he died. He was smart. And slightly creepy. But he’s fully clothed and sitting upright so, maybe not that creepy. And he is the tie breaking vote (always in favor) at the college).

A little rumble in the jungle (with Kate and Sayid and Richard Alpert) to free Ben from his would-be-captors-from-the-freighter. Since Kate and Sayid offered their help, they are free to leave the island. Easy-peasy.

Walt and his grandmother visit Hurley in the nuthouse. Walt says he was visited by Jeremy Bentham and wonders why the rest of the Oceanic 6 are lying about their time on the island. I’m wondering why Walt travelled across the country only to tell him this. Uh?

Ben and Locke are trying to move the island from the Orchid Station. But Keamy will not die and shows up to exact his revenge on Ben. Ben succeeds in killing him which should detonate all the C4 on the Freighter, killing all on board. So?

Kate, Hurley, Jack and Sawyer get on the helicopter headed to the Freighter. When the helicopter looses fuel Sawyer bails. (But, not too worry, he will later emerge from the water ala Ursula Andress).


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