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The News This Week

It’s not even Friday, so going back 5 days – Sheesh, There have been a ton of world events, Right?

  •  There was a lunar eclipse, next one 2010, hope you caught it!
  • Largest Beef Recall Ever– Unfortunately, most of it’s already been consumed.
  • Obama adds Che Guevara flag to his Texas offices, good call? Bad call?


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Happy, Merry President’s Day

It’s a bit late (although Washington’s birthday is Feb 22) but, with Presidents Day still fresh in your mind, and our on-going series of “Man, I-Don’t-Know-My-Presidents Monday,” we thought we’d like to make sure you were aware of the tall tale, historically non-accurate cartoons of Brad Neely.

Unfortunately, like a lot of things here at the Tussle, there is some strong language.

Sometimes you wonder where other people’s minds live. Sheesh. 

Sing it with me now, “He’ll save children, but not the British children.”


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In case you think I am mocking these schools, I am not. Celebrate what sets you apart. Why your school is unique.

 Full Disclosure: I went to a high school whose mascot was a capitol. The building. We were located in the capital city but, all in all, a pretty lame mascot. Will someone wear a costume of a dome shaped building and try and champion a little spirit? Doesn’t matter. My heart’s still with ’em. Go Caps! 

  • Texas Christian University Horned Toads. Think of your own joke.
  • Evergreen State Geoducks. I just don’t think mollusks are the right thing to align yourself with. Not too agro, but are some of the longest living organisms so, maybe you’re saying you outlast your opponent.
  • Brandeis University Judges. Fair enough (pun intended).
  • Sweet Briar College Vixens. Also would have accepted Sirens. Pretty good for an all girls school.
  • Kenyon College Lords and Ladies. I like this one. It’s regal and vaguely elitist.
  • Tulane Green Waves. In light of recent events, much more menacing.
  • Purdue Boilermakers. What a bunch of fabricators.
  • University of Delaware Fighting Blue Hens.  put the word ‘fighting’ right in the name and still you come off as rather cuddly.
  • Northland College Lumberjacks and Lumberjills. You’re joking with us, right? Political correctness has gone too far.
  • University of Pennsylvania Quakers. If you are the Fighting Quakers, you are not only lame buy oxy-moronic.
  • Stetson University Hatters. Yeah, that’s not even a type of hat. Just a hatmaker. And he was from MO not FL.
  • Amherst College Lord Jeffs. It’s literally Lord Jeff Amherst
  • Southern Arkansas Mule Riders. Not so much threatening as descriptive. It tells you what they like to do in the off season. And what positions they’re into.
  • Grays Harbor College Chokers. Apparently, a logging term, befitting the pacific northwest school. But people, you graduate and are a lfetime “Choker.” Whether it’s taken as the deep seeded rageaholic murderer lurking within or the complete and total failure you reach in times of pressure – either way, not good.

See Top Ten List of Mascots here

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